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Merging Art and Commerce

OBM provides a turnkey solution for the development and operation of media on real estate, often turning blank walls and underutilized spaces into revenue producing assets. We focus exclusively on non-standardized formats, creating unique media properties that complement and are sensitive to the architecture, while enhancing the economics of the development.

We can structure transactions to best suit the varying objectives of real estate owners, with OBM most commonly serving as a tenant or joint venture partner. Our landlords and partners range from REITS and publicly traded insurance companies to family trusts, condominium associations, and government agencies. Since our inception, we have focused on growing asset value while recognizing that the media portion of the project must contribute from an aesthetic perspective as well as a financial one.

OBM’s investment strategy is based on owning and operating displays at key non-replicable locations rather than offering commoditized general market coverage on standardized signage like most conventional billboard companies. Our singular focus on unique assets allows us to dedicate an outsize amount of attention to each project. OBM displays are consistently at the very top of the market in rate and occupancy.

OBM’s turnkey services most often include the following components:

Analysis of existing zoning standards
Pro-forma/financial modeling
Design and collaboration with architects

Securing entitlements/legislative modifications
Construction Management

Sales and Marketing
Copy/Content Scheduling
Billing, Financial Reporting

We look forward to discussing if we might be a good fit for your property.

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