IKE – The Interactive Kiosk Experience

IKE Smart City was formed to operate the nation’s first touchscreen interactive kiosk with the goal of building a wayfinding and city communication system for the digital age and delivering it in a self-sustaining business model, requiring no investment from cities, BIDs or DMOs. IKE launched in Denver in 2015 and is currently expanding nationwide. Through its engaging suite of applications and content, the IKE platform drives discovery and navigation, promotes equity by providing increased connectivity and access to valuable resources, supports economic development, and generates revenue for city partners. 


IKE drives discovery through listings of restaurants, shops, activities, services, and resources. Listings are detailed, geo-located, and updated in real time. Inclusion is free for area businesses.


IKE encourages exploration of a city by providing integrated multi-modal wayfinding. The system displays real-time transit information, route schedules, mapping, and directions, for bus, rail, streetcar, and bike/car share services.


IKE improves access to social services for residents in need. From listings of area shelters to information on addiction recovery, food assistance, and job opportunities, IKE makes valuable resources available to all communities.

For more information please visit IKEsmartcity.com

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