Vice President of Deployment

Location: Columbus, OH


As Vice President of Deployment, you are responsible for leading the company’s efforts to deploy the IKE Smart City platform across North America. Your success and your team’s success will be measured by units deployed in the best locations in our host cities, on schedule, and on budget. You are responsible for deployment strategy, execution, personnel, process, tooling, and partnerships. 

IKE is an interactive kiosk platform that connects cities with people through vivid, life-size touchscreen displays, providing an ever-expanding suite of applications that helps them to explore the very best a city has to offer. Your work will be used by tens of thousands of pedestrians every day, helping them to discover and navigate cities, including food, shopping, events, and social services. It will also allow them to share feedback with cities and stay informed about important events.


  • Lead in making street furniture deployment in city right-of-ways a core competency of our company. Develop and standardize strategy and process to maximize predictability and minimize deployment cost and time.
  • Manage the day-to-day activities of project managers and engineers to deploy IKE Smart City kiosks and other devices including due diligence, permitting, construction, utility coordination, and equipment delivery, installation, and activation.
  • Lead in implementing creative and non-traditional ways of obtaining power, to minimize project scope and cost. Examples include street light and traffic signal systems, existing abandoned or underutilized infrastructure, and private power.
  • Lead in collaborating with Sales (advertising) team to select construction locations that strike the right balance between construction scope and cost and advertising value.
  • Work with Development (bizdev) team to ensure that host cities commit to resources and allowances that ensure success during the deployment phase.
  • Manage partnerships with host-city entities during construction phase, to allow project success while considering local process, requirements, and restrictions.
  • Manage relationships with external construction partners including civil engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and other project partners.
  • Determine when and where to use project partners, design + build partners, or individual firms and contractors.
  • Lead in ensuring we have a competitive contractor bid process that ensures both quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Organize, build, and manage internal deployment organization, ensuring performance and growth of all staff members.
  • Be on site and hands-on as required.
  • Serve on senior management team, guiding overall company strategy.


  • Seasoned leader and manager with 10 or more years immersed in the construction industry, deploying infrastructure in urban cores, integrating power and data infrastructure. Experience with high-volume projects in the right-of-way preferred.
  • Hands-on leader who can think and act strategically, shaping an organization, while also able to put on boots and a hard hat and work with construction crews on the street.
  • Proven experience accomplishing results by leading direct reports, contracted personnel, and partner organizations.
  • A “been there, done that” construction professional, who understands traditional approaches to managing engineers, contractors, consultants, and government bureaucracies but also has the drive and skill to innovate and find solutions that dramatically reduce cost and scope. And the leadership skills to inspire internal staff and external stakeholders to follow. 
  • History of collaboration with cities and utilities on new initiatives, accounting for the aesthetics and political dynamics of downtown environments.  
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Architecture, or Construction Management.
  • Ability to travel throughout the country as projects demand.

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