By Jibran Shermohammed

Vice President of Development & Corporate Counsel

Title FPO

A building can either simply exist – or it can contribute to the fabric of a community – inspiring, surprising, dazzling those who experience it. Of course, architectural and environmental design determines 90% of a property’s potential. And artful wallscapes and spectacular digital displays – approached thoughtfully, with consideration of the design, content, and community alike – can drive increased desirability of your property. But all too often your vision, your success, is handcuffed by design compromises, the frustrations, and barriers of the entitlement processes, or an out-of-balance P & L. The journey can sometimes seem daunting.

The difference between your property thriving, or simply existing, is worth the effort – and with the right partner, is well within your grasp. You just need an out-of-home media company who can maximize the potential of your property, merging aesthetic enhancement with entitlement expertise and superior revenue delivery. I’m lucky enough to represent just such a company and I’ve experienced firsthand the exhilaration that comes from seeing our developers realize an outcome even greater than they imagined.


The Sunset Strip is home to a rich legacy of billboards, but in 20XX had yet to welcome digital out-of-home in over ten years. The City of West Hollywood takes great pride in the aesthetics of their unique city and are committed to creative innovation – so when the city invited bids for design-centered out-of-home media on their storied boulevard, we leapt at the opportunity. We engaged in extensive community outreach efforts and numerous public hearings, a collaborative process that helped shape our design and operational decisions for what would become the Sunset Spectacular.

The result? The Sunset Spectacular is a dynamic digital media structure, with trailblazing design that goes well beyond traditional advertising, creating an exciting new civic space. We’re proud that advertisers and artists alike have enthusiastically embraced the eccentric shape of the digital screens to develop one-of-a-kind content. As a testament to the City’s openness to innovative design, the Sunset Spectacular received the 2017 AIA|LA Next LA Honor Award and has been nationally recognized for reimagining the possibilities of outdoor media.


The Sunset Spectacular was ultimately the result of a private/public partnership and would not have been successful if not for the City of West Hollywood’s support. When a project is purely private, it requires an additional skillset. A recent success in Washington, D.C. proved that vision, perseverance, and OBM’s deep understanding of zoning and the entitlement process can bring unprecedented results for our partners – even without public stakeholders.

A network of digital signs has the power create an entertainment district, add vibrancy, and differentiate it from adjacent office and commercial areas, and we saw this potential in the properties across from Nationals Park in Washington D.C. We knew these properties had zoning commission approval on their building designs, but these approvals needed to be amended to accommodate signage. So, drawing on our experience as the operator of digital media in D.C. since 2008, we facilitated the establishment of zoning amendments to permit digital signage in that district. OBM partnered with each property owner and their architects to incorporate high-resolution digital signage into their designs while maintaining each building’s architectural intent. I’m proud to say that we were able to unite the visions of property owners, city agencies and neighborhood groups, and as a result, helped launch one of the largest digital signage districts in the U.S., featuring more than twenty large format displays. Now, as crowds make their way to and from Nationals Park the district reflects their energy and enthusiasm, enhancing their experience and memories.


Ultimately, we know that an elevated design and ability to activate it fully is only worth pursuing if it makes sense for your bottom line. Our singular focus on premium non-standardized formats has allowed us to treat each project individually, ensuring maximum revenue per display for our partners. Orange Barrel is equipped with truly unique expertise that includes unrivaled sales and media management. Our deep understanding of each of our markets mean we act as strategic partners to our clients, in turn guaranteeing results for theirs – building a portfolio of signs that are asked for by name.  In 20XX, following a competitive review by the new property owner at the iconic Los Angeles intersection at Sunset Boulevard and Vine, we were awarded a lease for the signs contained in this large mixed-use development and immediately assumed sales and management of the existing signs. On a same-sign basis, OBM’s 2008 sales of Sunset and Vine were almost double the previous high-water mark, and 2021 sales were $3.3M, a 135% increase over the previous lessor’s performance.

You want to make a lasting impact on your city. You want to set your property apart from everyone else. You want to create a destination, experiences, a center where life doesn’t just happen – it thrives. And you want your business to grow.

This is possible with a partner who will link arms with you – anticipate your needs, understand your vision, and deliver results. Orange Barrel is that partner, I guarantee it. Let’s imagine what’s possible, together. Send me an email, and let’s start the conversation.