OBM is a market leader in the deployment and operation of digital displays, with a focus on signature full-motion signage at primary locations in key markets. We provide marketers with a truly unique digital canvas; incorporating the best that digital has to offer – interactivity, dynamic narrative content and dayparting.

We are a pioneer in developing digital signage in markets that previously did not allow it and created the first digital displays in Boston and Washington, DC as well as dominant positions in Charlotte, Denver, Columbus and Cleveland. Key to our success has been an innovative content deployment program, featuring relevant public-service, arts and news in addition to sponsored messages.



Wallscapes and spectaculars are one-of-a-kind large-scale displays, generally limited only by the size of the building. Often including dimensional design, these displays create a landmark presence for clients at key locations in the city. OBM specializes in developing and managing these displays, merging art and commerce to create truly memorable impressions for our clients.

We offer wallscapes and spectaculars in Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, DC, Denver, Charlotte, Cleveland, Nashville, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Highlights of this inventory include a dominating presence at Sunset + Vine in Los Angeles; the largest units in the Denver market; and the only large-format OOH in the Uptown area of Charlotte.

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OBM specializes in creating branded environments, whereby a brand’s message can be woven throughout a neighborhood or large project. Typically located at lifestyle centers or in downtown areas, these opportunities combine displays delivering mass reach as well as more intimately scaled sponsored elements.

Our coverage includes digital and static signage at Gallery Place/Verizon Center in Washington, DC; Fenway Park in Boston; The EpiCentre in Charlotte, Easton Town Center in Columbus, and many more.

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OBM has a great deal of experience designing, permitting and managing the construction of complex signage and digital media, nationwide. Our team can provide a turnkey solution from beginning to end.

We maintain a staff of the best riggers in the business. From a banner installation, to a three-dimensional campaign, our team safely and efficiently installs projects both large and small.

From a banner to a building wrap, we are a one stop shop for many clients printing needs. We can produce construction barricades, wallscapes, window films, and everything in between.

Our production team is capable of producing three-dimensional objects, displays, and other spectaculars both large and small. From a single dimensional object for one of our wallscape locations, to 100 for a nationwide billboard campaign, OBM has the design, zoning, production, and installation services necessary to bring creative media plans to life.

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