It’s Time to Dominate

Maximize Out-of-Home campaigns and demand attention with premiere OOH takeovers

Danielle Williamson | Vice President, Sales

In today’s world, advertising is everywhere. Whether on social media, watching the news, or commuting to work, promotional messages surround us. With this saturation, it’s common for marketers to worry about their brands getting lost in the crowd. Twitter ads disappear with one scroll while TV spots compete with smartphones for attention. With so much advertising, consumers have learned to ignore traditional strategies and force marketers to ask challenging questions. What stops someone in their tracks? What type of placement can’t be ignored? How do we grow campaigns organically?


OOH is visually impactful. Creative messaging in bustling cities catches the eye and serves as artwork for the urban canvas. Strategically placed OOH ads are practically impossible to ignore. Think about billboards along deadlock traffic or ads in subway cars…you HAVE to look at them. Additionally, compelling OOH executions help grow campaigns organically with consumers. A recent Fast Company article says 1 in 4 Americans posted an image of an outdoor ad to Instagram. These social media shares turn an OOH tactic into a digital campaign without the need for any additional marketing dollars. While the OOH medium is a differentiator, how can brands set themselves apart within the OOH market?

It’s time for the next level of OOH advertising.

It’s time to dominate.


The OOH space includes billboards, digital signs, transit, and street furniture. There are certain strategic OOH placements that can go beyond the strength of a single execution and set brands apart from the competition. Media dominations are complete takeovers of an advertising space. Domination displays include multiple signs and screens displaying consistent or complimentary content on all faces. This type of OOH strategy offers multiple benefits to advertisers looking to maximize their investment.


When one advertiser takes ownership of multiple touchpoints within the same area or space, it minimizes the need to compete with other brands and allows them to effectively gain dedicated mindshare. Dominations also lend themselves to stronger and more creative displays. Taking over multiple adjacent signs provides an opportunity for spectacular and visually impactful campaigns that force consumers to take notice. This approach is disruptive and immersive, empowering brands to communicate more complete and compelling messages. A 5-sign building has multiple faces that, together, can create a cohesive message. This type of storytelling resonates deeper with consumers to create memorable campaigns that drive purchasing behavior.    


While the moniker for dominations references the takeover of a particular space, it can also allude to a brand’s position within the market. Purchasing a domination isn’t cheap and the expenditure can signal a brand’s status as a premiere player. Dominations can also demonstrate a brand’s creative chops as their more effective campaign is now showcased in a highly visible area. Ultimately, a complete takeover is a brand’s way of taking the spotlight and having a “look what we
did” moment.


Forcing consumers to pay attention is a growing challenge in every medium. However, the right approach to OOH can deliver a wow factor that gets consumers to take notice. Dominations provide brands with an opportunity to shine by taking over multiple adjacent displays with integrated visuals and messaging. This kind of disruptive storytelling resonates and leaves a lasting impression that can make a notable difference in awareness, purchase, and loyalty.

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Danielle Williamson
Vice President, Sales

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