Electrical Engineer

Location: Columbus, OH


As an Electrical Engineer at Orange Barrel Media, you will be responsible for working with project teams, city entities, and utility companies, to procure power and data for IKE products and other assets. This position requires a combination of technical knowledge and experience, knowledge of utility organization and infrastructure, and project management skills to procure power and data with minimal cost and construction.

IKE is an interactive kiosk platform that connects cities with people through vivid, life-size touchscreen displays, providing an ever-expanding suite of applications that helps them to explore the very best a city has to offer. Your work will be used by tens of thousands of pedestrians every day, helping them to discover and navigate cities, including food, shopping, events, and social services. It will also allow them to share feedback with cities and stay informed about important events.


  • Assess the electrical and data infrastructure of each city to determine viable power and data sources through online research, conversations with local experts, and field observations. 
  • Identify all providers of electric power and data connections operating within the given region of a city in which construction of an IKE network is proposed, and identify appropriate points of contact for each.  
  • Lead in developing solutions that allow us to bypass traditional (expensive) power-acquisition approaches in favor of utilizing existing (less expensive) infrastructure.
  • Provide technical expertise to assist Construction Project Managers (CPMs) in finding electrical sources and obtaining approvals through utility companies, landlords, and city agencies (Traffic, Public Works, Building & Safety, etc). 
  • Research and identify solutions to city or utility-company restrictions to cost-effective electrical connections. If restrictions are based in life/safety concerns, identify engineering solutions that address concerns. If restrictions are based in municipal code or utility tariff, work on solutions with CPM and in-house legal team.
  • Sort fact from conjecture when working with city and power-company entities in obtaining power. Make sure that our team is armed with facts and knowledge to best obtain access to power and data.
  • Interface with production partners to design and implement specific power-related designs driven by specific city infrastructure.
  • Lead in implementation of electric meters, external or embedded, particularly with smart meters.
  • Assist CPM in finding solutions for data connections as needed.
  • Perform CPM duties on a limited basis by taking on limited full construction projects.


  • BS, Electrical Engineering.
  • Minimum 5 years experience designing electrical solutions for civic or commercial projects.
  • Practical, demonstrated use of application of National Electric Code. 
  • Minimum 5 years experience working closely with or for utility companies, including regulations and tariffs.
  • Demonstrated experience working on utility infrastructure in sidewalk or other right-of-way.
  • Demonstrated experience obtaining plan approvals and resolving issues with building officials and inspectors.
  • Ability to travel throughout the country as projects demand. 


Orange Barrel Media is a leader in unique outdoor media that adds to the character of urban places. Since our inception in 2004, we have been creating value for our clients and the public by providing advertisers with creative mediums and using technology to enhance our offerings. We work closely with real estate groups and municipal governments to permit and develop advertising properties that the public finds attractive and exciting, and we have grown our business from large format displays and wallscapes to digital spectaculars and interactive kiosks. Integral to our success is the high value we place on the quality and aesthetics of our work, and our belief that our best-in-class team sets us apart from the competition. Our culture is defined by our people. We are a group of driven, creative, collaborative ideators and doers motivated by bringing possibilities to life.

To apply, please send your resume to careers@orangebarrelmedia.com and use “Electrical Engineer” as your email’s subject line.

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